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Click HERE to go to 'NJ Kids and Families' website. Take action and learn more!
Click HERE for the NJEA website. Information & short video clips that explain things clearly.

Click HERE to read an article on candidates income tax returns.
Click HERE to read an article from 2007: It shows the salaries from Governors across the nation. New Jersey is one of the highest.
Click HERE to read from NJ State website on Governors salary.

  • "Governor Christie's proposed cuts... are the most irresponsible, insensitive and reckless act by a public official I have ever witnessed". Charles Reilly, Former NJ School Boards Assoc. President
  • "Maybe the districts' anti-bullying policies should be applied to the Governor, as well" Richard Snyder, Ramsey School Board member.
  • "...he wants to villify anybody who's a public employee - whether it's a teacher, a county worker, or a city worker - and say they're the reason your property taxes are too high. Give me a break.... Be a gentleman and sit down and work this out to the betterment of the people of the State of New Jersey." State Sen. Richard Codey